Walking Tours for Private Groups

We are specialised in providing private, bespoke, tailored tours for a wide variety of clients.

Allow us to use our knowledge of the region, and expertise in tour delivery to satisfy your needs! When you book a tour with us, you will be provided with the services of a designated Tour Manager who will help plan, design and deliver your tour.

We aim to provide visitors with a stay full of powerful emotions, a passport to adventure, in which the magic of nature, excellent hospitality, the grandeur of Portugal's cultural heritage, but also those luxurious and cosmopolitan touches all come together.

These tours will lure you into different kinds of activity and adventure, on a challenge of discovery. By the end, you will have discovered a country where the traditional and the modern can both be found, as well as Baroque and minimalist art, a way of life that is religious yet tolerant, terraces and whitewashed walls decorated in blue and ochre, cliffs and dunes, mountains and rugged plateaux, with the depths of the sea never far away.

Whether you want to explore , immerse yourself in a different culture or simply enjoy the local cuisine and sights, BeCool Travel offers excellent deals at unbeatable prices.

Contact us to design a Tour specially for your group!

On virtually every private group holiday we offer a discount, normally a reduction providing the group consists of at least 15 or more people.