The Great Rivers Of Vinho Verde

A gastronomy & wine tour in the very heart of Portugal based on the two great rivers that flow through the region.

Our tour centres around the two main rivers that flow at the heart of the Vinho Verde area, the River Lima & the River Minho.

A lush, verdant, area producing the best of the Vinhos Verdes (green wines) including the increasingly rare Vinhos Verdes rose & red, along with great food and ancient culture.

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We will walk along the beautiful Rio Lima, so beautiful that it was believed to be the mythical river Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, by the Romans.

Ponte de Lima, our first centre, is the oldest town in Portugal, sited beside the tranquil waters of the river Lima, it is in the very heart of the Vinho Verde area. The scenery all around is classic Minho with a lush landscape, pretty villages and plethora of palaces and manor houses scattered all over.

Monção, our next centre, was once an important Portuguese fortress on the frontier with Spain. It was then the backdrop to the many battles between the kingdoms of Portugal and Castile.

Looking out over the river Minho, with its appealing terraces and belvederes, this fortified town on the bank of the River Minho is an ancient spa town. We will be able to enjoy, as part of our stay, a splendid spa treatment at the luxurious Caldas de Monção spa.

A tour designed at the heart of the Vinho Verde wine region regarded as one of the very finest in Portugal, featuring amazing walks and cultural experiences.

Walks along the beautiful Rio Lima, in Viana do Castelo, the Pearl of the North, and in Caminha through a cool forest to appreciate the beautiful estuary of the river Minho.
Splendid spa treatment at the luxurious Caldas de Monção.
Tuy & Valença, the Portuguese & Spanish neighbours gazing at each other across the river.
Comfortable en-suite accommodation.
Sociable evenings spent in local restaurants.
A fantastic itinerary of walks, developed and perfected by local resident Portuguese tour leaders, very knowledgeable of the region.
The hospitality and warmth from the local poulation, whilst enjoying dining out at local restaurants every evening.

The tour includes

Airport transfers.

En-suite accommodation in comfortable hotels, beautifully located.

Breakfasts taken at the hotel and dinners in local restaurants.

All transport costs in conjunction with the programme.

Services of a dedicated leader.

Please note:

The walking and sightseeing programs are integral with each other. However because we have dedicated transport with the group there will be considerable flexibility within the program for individual clients.

A wait at the Airport may be necessary to enable all passengers to travel together to and from the hotel.

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